Tips to survive grad school

January 24, 2010 at 2:53 am Leave a comment

You’ve just been accepted to the grad program of your dreams (at least, professionally/financially speaking), and you’re ready to go and rock the world of academia, but wait… what do you need to survive?

Saying, and just saying, that the program is technology based – don’t assume for a single minute that this means no paper, it means A LOT of paper… and associated products to go along with the aforementioned reams of paper that you are about to use, and forests of trees you are about to extinguish.

1. A printer – preferably laser; colour is optional.

2. A stapler – not a dinky little $5.00 Extra Foods stapler, we’re talking high-school grade mega stapler of Dhoom!

3. A hole punch – again, not a dinky $5.00 Extra Foods hole punch – this thing should be able to punch holes in sheets of aluminum without breaking a sweat.

4. An eReader – not to be a yuppy, but seriously – on the SkyTrain, would you rather shuffle through 50 printed out papers, or simply glance along on your eReader; PDF support is mandatory – think Sony not Kindle.

5. An iPod – music and downloadable episodes of Family Guy keep you from going insane when reading about various cognitive expletive theories of learning in the library.

6. A netbook – you don’t need a $1000 or pricier laptop.  Heck, a typewriter with erasable ink would work; nah, seriously – netbooks can type, they go online, they last 10 – 12 hours on a single charge, plus after all the money you spent on the stapler and hole punch (I really mean eReader and iPod) you can only afford a $400 machine. 

7. A flask – do I really need to explain?!  But seriously, it’s only used for water, study sessions make you dehydrated.


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