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August 9, 2009 at 5:01 am 2 comments

I’ve tried blogging, I’ve tried personal journals, I’ve tried semi-personal journals (and by semi, I mean they were personal until others found and read them…) and always, eventually, gave up.  Thus, my ability to actually write, consistently, over a prolonger period of time, has never fully developed.

The importance of reading and writing consistently is being made abundantly clear as this program progresses.  I have to confess, that I’m neither a particularly prolific writer nor reader, so the thought of having to do both is somewhat daunting (you may be asking yourself, so… what did you think a grad program was going to be about?)  Touche, I will admit I knew it would be a lot of reading and writing, but – much like the proverbial ostrich with his sand in the head – I was hoping if the readings and writings didn’t see me, I wouldn’t see them.

Growing up, my family and I read a lot – mostly works of fiction (fantasy/sci-fi for myself, war/sci-fi for my dad, and cheesy romance magazines for my mom).  As a Doukhobor, a lot of the history of my family people was oral, and to this day continues to be.  I tend to gather more from listening to people and interacting with them, than I do from reading.  Yet I refuse to buy audio books because it seems to me, to be less significant than reading…

I’ve found myself reading Palys over and over, trying to comprehend what is stated, and even have elaborate reading notes to prove this – while this worked to a certain degree – the amount of effort required to make the reading notes is somewhat daunting, and has always in the past eventually discouraged me from continuing with this strategy.

Strategies to reading are one thing, actually doing the reading is another.  After the session on Friday, I realised that the majority of what Judith taught was actually covered in Chapters 3 & 4 of MacKeracher – of which I have now started to read.  I realised that I was waiting for Judith to say we had to do these readings.  I guess that’s another shock for me, moving into a Master’s – is the reliance on self direction and motivation, especially when doing the required course readings.  From past experiences I expected to be told what to read (the whole downloading of knowledge thing Bill spoke about); but in the end, it’s kinda refreshing to read papers and books relating to the course I’m in that I want to read, not that I have to read (realizing that I will have to do some readings in the future). 

It’s interesting trying to combine my past education experiences, my preferred learning styles, the demands of this program, my motivations for this program, and the decidedly more flexible time constraints than I’ve had before.  It’s truly and adult education program.  Even though I’m 29, and technically and “adult” much of my education has been the in the realm of adolescent (highschool) or young adult (bachelors) education – pretty directed stuff.  Should be a fun time trying to sort all this stuff out 🙂


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Constructing Constructivist Constructs… Wrapping Up…

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